Before you change your diet and lifestyle, get a Blood screen at your GPs

Wisdom comes with experience and I’m sharing a pearl – Test your blood before changing your Diet

As a new practitioner in 2011, I learnt a valuable lesson. A male client had been on a Low-Fat calorie controlled diet and exercise plan for 8 weeks with me.  After 8 weeks he decided to have his bloods tested at his GP.  His results showed high cholesterol.

This left me and him wondering if the food changes over the 8 weeks along with the new exercise regime had made any difference at all to his starting cholesterol levels 8 weeks before. His motivation levels were hugely affected as he felt he had been doing so well and his weight-loss was excellent.  I was disappointed that I did not push for the blood test before we started working together. I produced a presentation for him on cholesterol- lowering foods, which had been tested on humans and shown benefits. Of course, it takes more than 8 weeks to see the changes. It was a hard slog re-motivating him again but we got there eventually. Thankfully, he did not have familial or hereditary high cholesterol and in time it corrected.

It really is a good idea to get a blood screen done before you make a diet and lifestyle change so that you can monitor its impact on your health

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