Project 2020 is U

You and I work closely together.

Most importantly you become my project and I support and motivate you to reach your ideal body weight and enjoy a new healthy lifestyle. I will take a full-medical history before deciding on the right food plan for you.

I offer 2 food plans

Both plans includes 3 meals a day and snacks. You may start on the low-carbohydrate which is <130g of carbohydrates per day. This greatly reduces the cravings for sugar and helps you to get a good start and weight-loss. Over a series of weeks, we  will work together to find your tolerance level for carbohydrates,  that is the point at which you are losing optimal weight each week but do not feel deprived.

In the first 2 weeks, you will test to ensure you are burning fat (ketones). You will be eating moderate protein to ensure you maintain your muscular strength along with 5 servings of fresh vegetables very day. Above all else when emptying fat cells, it is critical to flood the body with protective antioxidants from fresh vegetables.

In these early weeks, your fat intake is high however kcalories are in weight-loss zone. To clarify, you will eat healthy fats such as olive oil, oily fish, olives, avocado, eggs, nuts, seeds and dairy products (cheese, yoghurt) to keep you full and feeling satisfied. Fat is burnt to provide energy in the absence of sugars. You will not be hungry because you will be eating real food.

Alternatively, you may be more suited to the low fat food plan and in this instance protein will become the food that fills you. Healthy pizza’s, toasted sandwiches, burger buns, bean casseroles, lentil dahls are all on the menu. On this plan, kcalories are also monitored. Throughout this process, you are learning about foods and what they contain.

The difference between the 2 plans is that you are burning different fuels – The Low Carb burns  fats and the Low Fat burns carbs (glucose).

So what do you have to do?

My recipes require some preparation and kitchen time but as most of my clients are in the workplace, I have adapted recipes to stretch over days.  You will need to own a smart phone and I will introduce you to a very clever but simple APP which makes the plan easy to follow.  You have complete freedom in terms of your food choices however in the initial weeks you will choose from my recipes. As a result you will learn about portion sizes and  you will eat a wide range of foods.

Who is this service for?

How does this work?

The first session takes 1.5 hours and after that each session is 45 mins.

For my really busy clients, I keep session times to the minimum (guided by them) and work in other ways that suit them. 

The following bullet points will help you understand my approach

  • I listen to you carefully and get to know you
  • We have a 3-step questionnaire so by week 8 we have identified habits, behaviours, attitude and learning
  • I text you daily, usually at trigger times or to refocus and motivate you
  • I call you if I sense you are struggling
  • We meet or chat online weekly and at each session there will be new learning
  • You record everything you eat and drink on the APP and you send me a daily screenshot
  • You are weighed weekly by me or you send me a virtual weight photo
  • We discuss your food plan for the week ahead and any meals you may be struggling with
  • If you need a particular recipe, we create a healthy option together
  • We practice relaxation techniques because a calmer mind makes healthier choices
  • All recipes are online and guide on food ranges and portion sizes

8 week package One Size does NOT fit all

  1. Week one might simply involve cutting down on rubbish foods and as a result you achieve an incredible result. Whereas for another person it might involve changing from fast food to real food. No two people are the same.
  2. You decide what you can and cannot do. I am not setting you up to fail by giving you strict rules and only one option. We are looking for a formula that delivers you weight loss and lack of hunger. Be patient with the process.
  3. You select recipes or foods that you know you will like and are confident you can cook. Above all else you must like the food and look forward to your meals.
  4.  I have a bank of knowledge therefore if you are peri-menopausal, menopausal, have active inflammation, joint pain or gut issues, I can highlight foods for you to include in your daily diet.

2020 Fees

8 week Programme: €600

Re-Boot 4 weeks for existing clients: €200


How do we know we can work together?

I take a telephone call or video call with prospective clients before agreeing to work together. Send me am email or call me to arrange a time.