Women & Men in the workplace

WorkLife is increasingly stressful.

Home life & work life melted together in 2020 & 2021 and all kinds of stressors kicked in. What became your crutch when the stress hit?

Biscuits, cakes, chocolate, crisps are incredibly high in calories and are available everywhere. They do not fill you. In fact they are designed to make you want to eat more of them, because sugar is an addictive substance. So if your job involves sitting most of the day at a desk (in work or at home) in a very busy role, it is hardly surprising that you snack on these high calorie treats.  Unconscious snacking can result in a 14lb weight gain in a very short time.

By the weekend, do you feel you need, deserve and have earned a lunch or dinner out? Too tired to cook, you order in? Have you quietly ignored that you are gaining weight?  Holiday time arrives and nothing fits! Family events pop up and you stress about what to wear.

Can you see the common thread?

Your health needs to be as important to you as your work, your finances,  your family, your love life and your friends. If your health fails, nothing else matters. Body weight is an integral part of health.

Weight-Loss requires Preparation, Time and Behavioural Change until you have a Routine.

Make Preparation an enjoyable experience

Eating healthily and keeping a lean body weight is achievable for everyone.

Lean people do it all the time. They plan what they will eat for the week ahead and make a shopping list. They never go into a supermarket hungry because they eat regularly to avoid hunger pangs.  When they go out socially they tend to think about it in advance so that they can indulge themselves but subsequently they cut back on food before or after the event so that they do not gain weight. So why are different? We leave it to chance.

Routine is very useful for managing weight. You can develop a healthy food routine.  Food planning, shopping and cooking can become an enjoyable experience. For example, enjoy a coffee and treat after a food shop, bringing your own treat with you to avoid the coffee shop scones, pastries etc. Enjoy a drink when you take over the kitchen on a Saturday or Sunday, bulk cooking and preparing for the week ahead,  listening to your favourite music loudly. You will grow to love cooking food and  be proud of your new skills and the admiration that it brings from friends and family.

Cooking food from scratch is the best way of maintaining a healthy weight. It gives you lifelong freedom from weight. I didn’t cook and it took time to learn to love it and relax into it.

No matter how good a cook you are, there are evenings when you will come home and you just will not want to chop vegetables. In these instances, you can have ready-meals in your freezer with frozen vegetables or pre-chopped veggies in your fridge requiring minimum effort.

A well-practised stress response

When you work Monday to Friday or do shift work, you have a lot to deal with.

You are a potential bomb if you regularly experience a stressful work place, chaotic traffic, lively kids, aging parents, friends who like socialising every weekend and weekend parties. You could explode at anytime and it is usually on high sugar food or alcohol! It is understandable. However the guilt afterwards is annoying. Life is just too short for this vicious circle of trying to be healthy but falling off course frequently and having to get motivated to start again.

Let’s change your response and when you feel that bomb is about to go off, do something else you really love and that you feel good about.

But I have no time…..

Everyone finds time for stuff they really enjoy. Clients find the time because when they are highly motivated and want to take back control over how they look and feel, they make the time.

Shutting down stress

Do you ever ask yourself “why did I eat that” or ‘”do that”?

Were you tired, anxious or stressed at the time? That’s probably why you did it. A calm mind makes better decisions. Managing day-to-day stress has to be addressed if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Breathing techniques, yoga and exercise will help you.

Small steps taken one day at the time build up to become a lifestyle

  • Make a dish that stretches to 3 meals and tastes even better after it is reheated
  • Extra dinner can become a lunch
  • Learning to cook a meal off by-heart, that is by far nicer and cheaper than your local Friday take-away
  • A few side salad dishes in the fridge that go with fish, meat or chicken and last 2 to 3 days
  • A soup can be a starter when you arrive in very hungry
  • Frozen vegetables can be used in a fast stirfry
  • Homemade Bran muffins can be kept in the car or office for coffee break emergencies
  • Homemade nutritious chocolate sweets that are under 1 Carb per sweet
  • A cold mix ‘n match food board with a glass of wine on a Friday
  • A moderate amount of zero carb alcohol for social events
  • Yoga legs up the Wall relaxes you in 3 minutes, BodyScan can take you into a deep sleep
  • Breathing exercises at your desk strengthens your resolve
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