Tips to re-boot Weight-Loss

10 tips to re-boot your weight-loss from

We all plateau or get stuck at some point on the weight-loss journey. One of the following just might ring true with you and get you going again. Good Luck.


Get rid of all rubbish out of the house. Think back to when you first started and how dedicated you were and how supportive your family and friends may have been. Have old habits snuck in? Do a healthy food shop with a shopping list and follow a planned week of food. If you have kept a copy of your week 1 or 2 food plan. Take it out and repeat it.


Book an event for 6 weeks time that you can look forward to and set a weight-loss and fitness goal for then. Who are you meeting. Imagine what they will say to you. Imagine how you will feel as the compliments fly! Go on – day dream and motivate yourself to a new determination


Get to bed by 10.30pm Sunday to Friday to rest the adrenal glands and rise early. Get back into a routine that matches your body’s natural rhythm. You burn calories when you sleep. Did you know that? You don’t eat when you sleep – I know you know that 🙂 There are so many positives to sleep.


Change 1 thing a week and pick the hardest thing first as your motivation levels will be highest at the start. E.g. giving up chocolate or a dry alcohol month or bread-free. Don’t try to give up everything at once if you are just starting out after years of unhealthy habits.


Start back moving the skeleton and muscles and ease yourself into it. A walk is the easiest – just 45 minutes daily, split 20/25 if you wish. Morning calories are best. They get the burn going early and set you up mentally for the day ahead. Evening calories take glucose and fat out of the blood quicker before you rest in bed. The hardest part is getting out your front car or out of your car. Once you are 10 minutes into it, you will enjoy it So don’t think, just do. The only advantage to carrying excess weight is that when you move, your burn rate is fantastic because you are carrying something heavy. Pick up something heavy and walk – feel the burn!  Use that weight in the early days to help burn more.


Pull on the tight jeans or shirt and keep trying them on weekly until they fit again. Keep these clothes in a visible place that does not allow you to forget.


Step on the scales. It is what it is. Every week, watch the numbers decline as your hard work pays off.


Consider a new hobby if you need more work/life balance e.g. Strictly Come Dancing looked very appealing to me so I took up dancing  and loved it.  Shake up your exercise regime and try new classes such as TRX or strength training classes or yoga/pilates.


Start a diary and use it to record your thoughts and use it to question what you are doing or why you did something. Become your own therapist. Face up to the things in your past that are driving you to over-eat or it may be simply breaking bad habits.



Believe in yourself. It is Just Weight. You can lose it. Sometimes weight-loss becomes almost too big an issue in our minds. It overpowers our thoughts. It drags us down to the point of not being able to tackle it. It is Just Weight. You can lose it. You just need someone to motivate you, to keep you going, to support you. I set this business up for that very reason. Check me out at I’ve been on this journey, 3 times and will always battle it but from the slim end.


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