Weekends are destroying my Health & Weight-Loss Goals

Weekends are destroying my weight-loss and healthy lifestyle goals. What can I do?

You want to be healthier, fitter and slimmer. You set yourself a goal and you immediately feel happier. You have written down your goals and why you want them . They make you feel strong emotions and are therefore very motivational for you.

You eat well and exercise all week and notice that you are sleeping better and your mind is positive. You might be 2 weeks in. Friday arrives. You lose the plot.

You wake up Monday feeling, low, a little anxious if you drank alcohol and absolutely fed-up with yourself. You stand on the scale and you are up. How do you move forward or do you give up?

There is a positive here.

You now know that the weekend is a trigger for you. If weekends continuously destroy your goals, well it truly is time to manage this trigger. Have a think.

What is the feeling on a Friday that makes you do stuff on Saturday and Sunday that leaves you feeling so low on a Monday? 

  • Boredom? 
  • Lack of planning for the 2 days?

I notice with myself and clients that nothing is left to chance during the week. We know our meals and snacks Monday to Friday lunchtime. Then it is as if we are let out of jail Friday evening!  


We hear kids saying it all the time “I’m bored”. I think adults feel it but don’t say it. We wander in and out of the kitchen, bored. We channel-hop, bored. We browse around shops in semi-lockdown, in masks, bored. 

Boredom, especially in full lockdown is especially challenging. TV is not stimulating company. It is a lonely pastime. Think back to an evening spent with stimulating company where you chatted and laughed so much, the time sped by and food or drink was the last thing on you mind. Your mind was fully occupied. 

Start again

However, this time around, plan your Saturday and Sunday. If you are someone who needs stimulation from others, there is a real need to plan virtual meets now. How about a virtual dinner party?

If you don’t need stimulation from other people, think about non-work activities for the weekend. For example, I see lots of people fishing off the wall in Dun Laoghaire harbour, getting some time on their own.

Identify activities that fully captivate your mind, times flying by and you feel content. I have a few suggestions – 

  • Play cards virtually with 4 people, for small money to keep it interesting
  • Gardening or allotment care
  • Golf driving range, Shooting range, Pitch ’n Putt, Painting, Tennis
  • Paddle boarding or learning to Sail in Dun Laoghaire
  • Hillwalking with a friend / friends early morning 
  • A sea-side stroll late evening
  • Home gym session with friends on zoom and loud music
  • Yoga and Pilates at home on the Saturday and Sunday
  • Board games, crosswords, jigsaw, a good book that grips you
  • Learning a new instrument or language if you have interest

Our minds are hungry and need stimulation not food or alcohol. In September I booked golf driving range lessons, (I hate golf), arranged a card group, set up a small gym in my kitchen and a year ago took up Yoga. In full lockdown, the gym has been a lifesaver.

But I’m tired of planning

I know. Sometimes we just want to kick back and not plan. However what are your options? Depressing Mondays or Successful Goals.

If you would like help losing weight and motivation to keep going, contact me.

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