Weight Loss Nutritionist

I can HELP you to lose weight

small weight loss changes all add up

Specialising as a Weight Loss Nutritionist, I help men and women to successfully lose weight by slowly changing eating habits and  lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, cooking skills, routines and exercise. Small changes, made over a 10 week period is less stressful and in the long-term changes your lifestyle. You will be able to keep the weight off. Even a modest loss in weight can benefit your health.

I have a degree in nutrition science and have been motivating people to lose weight for over 14 years as a weight loss nutritionist. This specialist experience have given me an in-depth knowledge on all of the complexities  involved in weight gain, weight loss and weight maintenance. I love it.  Work life imbalance is what brought me to Nutrition and Weight-Loss. Personally, I struggled with excess body weight which gives me insight, empathy and endless patience.

Health Topics that I have researched and developed eating plans to support, include the Gut, Cholesterol lowering, Blood Sugar Management, Liver Health and Sleep.

Weight-loss can be a long road but a very enjoyable one when you have support, motivation and friendship on the journey. Every client is different and needs an individual solution.  Capturing a client’s history and listening to their story very carefully allows me to provide a very personal solution.

Never give up.