If you are following a low-fat food plan, Whey Protein is a fantastic cravings blocker and it maintains your muscle while you lose fat from your body. This food is not just for bodybuilders!

Whey protein is what is left over after you make cheese from milk.

Whey Protein has the highest ‘Biological Value’ rating (110-159), better than eggs (100) which are known as the Gold Standard of proteins. What this means is Whey protein is very well absorbed from our gut into our bloodstream and it is retained and used by our body. It has a place in our daily diet as a supplement at different times in our life. Weight-loss using a low-fat approach, is one of those times.

The body breaks down protein into amino acids which are the building blocks for muscles, neurotransmitters and some hormones. Whey protein has the highest concentration of glutamine (an amino acid) and the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) found in nature. Both are these are critical to the health of your cells and the production of proteins inside your body.

Reasons to Whey

You feel fuller, making it easier to stick to a weight-loss programme

It helps maintain muscle mass when reducing calories, ensuring you lose fat not muscle

It helps recovery from surgery

It prevents the ‘wasting away’ of patients with diseases like cancer and AIDS

The amino acid Glutamine is used by white blood cells to fight infections

It helps mouth and stomach ulcers to heal and keeps our digestion and immunity healthy

It helps the elderly who are sick and lack the energy to digest animal protein

When I buy Whey, what do I look out for?

Avoid those with added sugars. Whey does not taste good so ensure you buy a flavoured one, for example, Vanilla. The ingredient list may show Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolates and Whey Hydrolysate (pre-digested and all of these 3 are fine. Check that protein is the highest figure on the nutritional label with very little under the carbohydrate and fat column.

How do I use it?

It is quite easy to get 80g to 90g of protein from your daily meals while maintaining a low fat intake. You can top up your protein levels with 20g to 30g of Whey and not affect the fat and carb totals. Simply blend it into a low fat milk and add 1 serving (80g) of fruit such as strawberries to make a delicious smoothie. Add a few ice cubes & Enjoy..

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