Tips and Juice ideas to protect your Liver at Christmas

Tips to Protect Your Liver

I worked in the City in London for 7 years in a stockbroking firm, on the dealing floor with mostly men. Boom to Burst seemed to happen more often, the mood was high or low but rarely just happy or as my father would say “business is tipping along”.

My workplace led to chaotic diets and lifestyles. The market makers and traders started their client entertainment in early November. They supplemented milk thistle, something I had not heard of until then. It helped their livers to cope with the alcohol and the older brokers swore by it. They would have made an ideal group for a scientific trial on the effectiveness of Milk Thistle.


The best strategy for liver health is no alcohol and the next best is to limit intake to special occasions only, not every weekend and definitely not daily. Then, if an event like Christmas is approaching and you want to protect your liver, here are a few tips:

  • Avoid consecutive nights out, resting the liver for 3 nights before partying again.
  • Drink slowly. The liver clears 1 unit of alcohol every hour.
  • Hydrate well before and during the night out.
  • Eat healthy food before and after to give the Liver the nutrients it needs to clear the alcohol.
  • Make up a liver support juice and drink it before a party and after.


Make a Liver-juice for the party season

In this juice, include the liver-supportive foods and I list these and juice-making tips below

  • The most liver protective foods include beetroot, carrot, celery, radish, green leaves such as spinach, rocket and chard.
  • The best herbs are parsley, rosemary
  • The best spice is turmeric.
  • Choose 2 vegetables and then add  1 teaspoon of fat which stimulates the bile -making cells in the liver.
  • Ideal fats are olive or flax oil
  • Add a small amount of  lecithin granules for choline and good fats. You can buy it in the supermarket
  • Blitz 1 to 2 brazil nuts for selenium into the juice or eat whole as a snack
  • Add a fruit to the juice, lemon is the best but choose whatever fruit (80g) makes the juice palatable for you.
  • Finally mix in 10g of a pure Whey protein powder as phase 2 of liver detox involves proteins.

If you do not have a juice machine, you can buy a juice and add the fat, protein powder and eat the nuts. My recommended juices are shown below.


There are also some great herbal teas that support liver function: Burdock root, Dandeloin, hawthorn. Some examples are posted below and I buy teabags from Dunnes Stores and the loose tea from Wall & Keogh in town.


If you cannot stomach a juice you may consider a supplement. Milk thistle is widely available throughout Ireland in Healthstores. Allergy Research Group Via Nutri-Link in the UK sell a supplement called Fast & Be Clear and it contains all of the nutrients the liver uses to cleanse and detox the body. This may also be helpful for a long party season but always accompany good food with supplements.

Finally, rest the liver by cutting back on calories to 1500 female, 1800 male, but ensure all of these calories are good wholesome food low in sugar.

There is another article on my site – “10-ways-to-support-your-liver-naturally” with some additional tips.  Enjoy the season and protect a vital organ

Prof Frank Murray, President of the Royal College of Physicians and liver specialist at Beaumont Hospital, said the sharp rise in the number of young people developing alcoholic liver disease is a particular cause for concern.

“This used to be a disease that we saw in older men who drank heavily in pubs for many years. The HRB data demonstrates that, between 1995-2013, the rate of increase in alcoholic liver disease trebled among 15-34 year olds, which shows that young people are drinking harmful amounts of alcohol that will either lead to premature death or lifelong chronic illnesses.

“It also shows that as more women consume alcohol in greater amounts, this is having an adverse impact on their health. 1 in 10 breast cancers between 2001 and 2010 was attributable to alcohol.

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